Call me Tiger! I am a young adult who has chosen the noble pursuit of art.

Nature is my largest inspiration as well as the thing that most threatens the fragile, precious hoax which is my personal comfort. I’m a freeze baby. I keep my hands clean. Camping is hell, and pine sap is the enemy. Yet still I feel my primal roots pulling into the soil, and the bell within me hums in its presence, threatening to overturn life as I know it. Pack animal, it says, live in your cave. Hunt for your sustenance. Eat a squishy bug. I say back to its chiming: I will do no such thing, because I want indoor plumbing.

My goal is to balance my obsession with the natural world with my compulsion to manufacture safety and order – to push against the raw, violent truth of wilderness the bubbles of these modern lies, and pleading they will not pop. Such is art; The fruitless definition of meaning juxtaposed with what is only a symbolic portrayal of the harsh, very real world in which we all live.

… But mostly, I just draw cute animals ❤

I’m a sugar-addicted, freeloading doodler with a sloppily applied veneer of professionalism. Hope you buy it!